[ANN] poldek 0.17.3 released

Pawel A.Gajda mis at pld.org.pl
Fri Sep 20 19:15:34 CEST 2002

0.17.3 (not released yet)


* added IPv6 support to internal FTP client

* support for "hdlist" sources in which information about packages 
  is taken from file with raw RPM package headers. These files
  are used by APT-RPM as well as they are widely supported by RPM based 
  distributions. However this format isn't optimal, now poldek is useable 
  with almost every RPM based distro without poldek's native indexes support.
  See poldekrc.sample-hdlist for an example RedHat and Mandrake configuration.

* new "type=[pidx|dir|hdrl]" source option lets define source type in
  configuration file. Needed to distinguish "hdlist" ('hdrl' type) from
  "native" sources. Cmdline options: --source for 'pidx', --sdir for
  'dir' and  --shdrl for 'hdrl'.

* simple HTTP client (with partly HTTP/1.1 support) which it is used for 
  HTTP downloads; cURL backend is not compiled by default. 

* support for GPG/PGP signatures verification (new "gpg" and "pgp" 
  source options). Verification works with rpm >= 4.0.4 or patched 
  PLD's rpm 4.0.2 (release 62 of the package). 
* URLs with user and password (ftp://user:passwd@host:port/path/ syntax) 
  are supported (Andreas Piesk <a.piesk at gmx.net>)

* new "ftp_sysuser_as_anon_passwd" option causes sending 
  login at hostname as anonymous FTP password 

* new "noautoup" source option tells poldek to do not update 
  source by default. 

* shell: added long listig format of file list ($ desc -ll)

* misc fixes to compile on SuSE

* fixed support for rpm 3.x (with help of Roger Luethi <rl at hellgate.ch>)

* fixed and improved handling of bool configuration options, 
  added on/off and enable/disable to the list of valid choices
  (Andreas Piesk <a.piesk at gmx.net>)

* fixed detection of file based conflicts between available packages. 

* various bugs fixed:
   - double '/' in paths handling
   - ambiguous p_open() flags (Michal Moskal <malekith at pld.org.pl>)
   - removed [v]snprintf() (wrong) usage; n_[v]snprintf() are used

mis at pld.org.pl

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