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diff -u PLD-doc/devel-hints-en.txt:1.24 PLD-doc/devel-hints-en.txt:1.25
--- PLD-doc/devel-hints-en.txt:1.24	Sat Dec  3 21:45:23 2005
+++ PLD-doc/devel-hints-en.txt	Sat Sep 30 00:22:45 2006
@@ -408,6 +408,7 @@
 the desktop-file-utils package. More information about their contents
 can be found on
 Documentation (%doc files):
 Every package should, whenever possible, contain documentation files.
@@ -493,6 +494,7 @@
 It's useful to take a glimpse at the beginning of builder script's
 contents - it contains a description of the functions available.
 YOU MUST NOT TAG WITH A VERSION NUMBER (or create such branches), that
@@ -564,6 +566,7 @@
 5. ERROR:src/ USE_AUTOMOC is unsupported
 can be overcome by replacing USE_AUTOMOC with AUTO.
 Apache version independant packages
 NB: there's webapps framework now (template-webapp.spec)
@@ -571,6 +574,7 @@
 You should use this when making apache packages. and this apache section needs
+/* outdated
 As of 1.3.33-2 version, apache1 also supports confdir based configuration.
 To make your package require just apache functionality (apache version
 independant dependancy ie apache1 or apache2 are both ok), You should add to
@@ -597,7 +601,7 @@
 If your application apache config was previously in apache directory, then you
 should also add trigger when moving it. see template-apache-package.spec for
 the samples.
 Naming files in SOURCES.
@@ -623,20 +627,20 @@
-usually you find after perl CPAN package install an unpackaged file
+Usually you find after perl CPAN package install an unpackaged file
-use make pure_install in .spec, then the perlocal.pod is not installed. the
+use make pure_install in .spec, then the perlocal.pod is not installed. The
 template-perl.spec has been already changed.
 creating new perl (CPAN) packages.
-use ./ wrapper for now. you'll need cpan2rpm and pldcpan packages
-installed. actually should update pldcpan program to be able to fetch packages
-from CPAN itself. currently cpan2rpm is used to accomplish remote fetching.
+Use pldcpan program (available from pldcpan package) to create new Perl
+packages. You should always verify what is the License before you commit the
+file. You should not remove comment 'same as perl' if it's true statement.
 TODO to remove these:
@@ -646,4 +650,5 @@
 php-pear packages should be produced with 'pear makerpm PEARNAME' command. the
 output is not perfect, so you need to tidy it up. you can get pear program
-from php-pear-PEAR package.
+from php-pear-PEAR package. Additionally you should use ./ script to
+do some sanity checks and few automatics.

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