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Author: twittner                     Date: Sat Jun 30 21:17:26 2007 GMT
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Index: SPECS/yasr.spec
diff -u /dev/null SPECS/yasr.spec:1.1
--- /dev/null	Sat Jun 30 23:17:26 2007
+++ SPECS/yasr.spec	Sat Jun 30 23:17:21 2007
@@ -0,0 +1,80 @@
+# $Revision$, $Date$
+Summary:	Yet another screen reader
+Summary(pl.UTF-8):	Jeszcze jeden screen reader
+Name:		yasr
+Version:	0.6.7
+Release:	1	
+License:	GPL v2
+Group:		Applications
+Source0:	http://dl.sourceforge.net/yasr/%{name}-%{version}.tar.gz
+# Source0-md5:	c7c6191f1d7413317924e580809817dc
+Patch0:		%{name}-am.patch
+Patch1:		%{name}-conf_settings.patch
+Patch2:		%{name}-conf_path.patch
+URL:		http://yasr.sourceforge.net/
+BuildRequires:	autoconf
+BuildRequires:	automake
+BuildRequires:	gettext-devel
+BuildRoot:	%{tmpdir}/%{name}-%{version}-root-%(id -u -n)
+Yasr is a general-purpose console screen reader for GNU/Linux and
+other Unix-like operating systems. The name "yasr" is an acronym that
+can stand for either "Yet Another Screen Reader" or "Your All-purpose
+Screen Reader" (take your pick; it doesn't really matter much). It
+supports a number of synthesizers, although interfacing issues exist
+with some of them at the moment. Currently, yasr attempts to support
+the Speak-out, DEC-talk, BNS, Apollo, and DoubleTalk. It is also able
+to communicate with Emacspeak servers and can thus be used with
+synthesizers not directly supported, such as Festival Lite (via
+eflite) or FreeTTS. It is small enough to fit on a root disk if
+necessary (provided an Emacspeak server is not needed, of course). It
+is written in C and works by opening a pseudo-terminal and running a
+shell, intercepting all input and output. It looks at the escape
+sequences being sent and maintains a virtual "window" containing what
+it believes to be on the screen. It thus does not use any features
+specific to Linux and can be ported to other Unix-like operating
+systems without too much trouble.
+#%%description -l pl.UTF-8
+%setup -q
+%patch0 -p1
+%patch1 -p1
+%patch2 -p1
+%{__make} install \
+%config(noreplace) %verify(not md5 mtime size) %{_sysconfdir}/yasr.conf
+%attr(755,root,root) %{_bindir}/*
+%define date	%(echo `LC_ALL="C" date +"%a %b %d %Y"`)
+* %{date} PLD Team <feedback at pld-linux.org>
+All persons listed below can be reached at <cvs_login>@pld-linux.org
+Revision 1.1  2007/06/30 21:17:21  twittner
+- added

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