packages: mbrola-voices/mbrola-voices.spec - new voices: de8, hb2, hu1, la1...

glen glen at
Tue Oct 27 14:04:54 CET 2009

Author: glen                         Date: Tue Oct 27 13:04:54 2009 GMT
Module: packages                      Tag: HEAD
---- Log message:
- new voices: de8, hb2, hu1, la1, ma1, mx2; rel 7

---- Files affected:
   mbrola-voices.spec (1.11 -> 1.12) 

---- Diffs:

Index: packages/mbrola-voices/mbrola-voices.spec
diff -u packages/mbrola-voices/mbrola-voices.spec:1.11 packages/mbrola-voices/mbrola-voices.spec:1.12
--- packages/mbrola-voices/mbrola-voices.spec:1.11	Thu Oct 22 22:32:29 2009
+++ packages/mbrola-voices/mbrola-voices.spec	Tue Oct 27 14:04:49 2009
@@ -1,11 +1,17 @@
 # $Revision$, $Date$
 # - fix weird topdir: mbrola-voice-ee-301h-6.noarch marks festival-1.4.4-0.20030803.4.i686 (cap /usr/share/festival/lib/voices)
+# - new: de8,hb2,hu1,la1,ma1,mx2
+#   /usr/share/festival/lib/voices/hungarian/hu1_mbrola/hu1/hu1
+#   /usr/share/festival/lib/voices/latin/la1_mbrola/la1/la1
+#   /usr/share/festival/lib/voices/malay/ma1_mbrola/ma1/ma1
 Summary:	MBROLA - a speech synthesizer based on the concatenation of diphones
 Summary(pl.UTF-8):	MBROLA - syntezator mowy bazujący na łączeniu dwuzgłosek
 Name:		mbrola-voices
 Version:	301h
-Release:	6
+Release:	7
 License:	Non-commercial, non-military purposes, w/ and only w/ the voice and language databases available on
 Group:		Applications/Sound
@@ -47,100 +53,112 @@
 # Source18-md5:	989d86647c6099a3b3faceb1999efd18
 # Source19-md5:	16229636034e134b880a132553ca7adb
-# Source20-md5:	38377e171c4a3d3d30e9b214798d3d8c
-# Source21-md5:	725b1fb0af1f6d62414d786de6eaa143
-# Source22-md5:	d3bb71fb1012fe972b1cabe2d1582c04
-# Source23-md5:	a42622fb55bc1401e5ad7409ece9c317
-# Source24-md5:	ef667c08ad5ae050f37e321072969ee6
-# Source25-md5:	6031c6a97d2a7344e7ae42de294ae00b
-# Source26-md5:	1488ea8ef76e97f1cf8af67963accf42
-# Source27-md5:	133c1631cd48e7c565779bd15d4ce536
-# Source28-md5:	df96c40b56b537f330cc6a22ed0307f1
-# Source29-md5:	2ebf4105702ab2aa037491338ed05ebb
-# Source30-md5:	ef58ccab7da88cbe582062a9468a4fb8
-# Source31-md5:	2a0c06030dda4e1edcb0e972ede092b7
-# Source32-md5:	2a066550b3caa8038230bf1a335f073d
-# Source33-md5:	30f550cc01c1c1567ce4b12b4244649a
-# Source34-md5:	c702dd7210fdd8225bf79456839c2d6f
-# Source35-md5:	29aa2ad017882c9791db704801409a24
-# Source36-md5:	541607bbfb265a562fba8b9c1adfee31
-# Source37-md5:	33cd63ec6d231ac91b8156485a381207
-# Source38-md5:	a86eaae6a2fca6c8282339c5780d7373
-# Source39-md5:	fdba924b95353c0bdfa3aa4abec30a6b
-# Source40-md5:	466f2ee8aedd6f78a3ab30fbdd2f98cb
-# Source41-md5:	8a356360b8f6f6c65597c50d237836db
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-# Source47-md5:	8e01d49d5f51d02e16638f1477f76ecc
-# Source48-md5:	9293674e01dc29bd92e4a251c09d215a
-# Source49-md5:	f7f78b06a0d3df4a05f8ba9a8f173327
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-# Source65-md5:	544840204a6e120cef67176769629ecb
-# Source66-md5:	9fe85b878516254d9157bc8c47a0f08b
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+# Source59-md5:	07d682951901e438c8ffc6de25f4569f
+# Source60-md5:	9c9ac4a5295fd8a9eb16f0723545a97b
+# Source61-md5:	2e67625c2d10da642466f6290bdecb8d
+# Source62-md5:	99f6f1299403ba85438a883470aa0b02
+# Source63-md5:	6c592bbeef3e2828248b2682cb351239
+# Source64-md5:	520793ee2c81a7ab9d222f2982e620a0
+# Source65-md5:	889d1be2915850aab74f0de1cbccbf0d
+# Source66-md5:	67eb7b80bb702a3b2adc4205d3d86afb
+# Source67-md5:	79fabdd56d0e361941d98a2b40fc4631
+# Source68-md5:	263eadb96341b1c7b672b502cf78eabf
+# Source69-md5:	1b21560b45c5566cf4672e8eb7393490
+# Source70-md5:	185045d55456694f4f104173e43bbb89
+# Source71-md5:	544840204a6e120cef67176769629ecb
+# Source72-md5:	9fe85b878516254d9157bc8c47a0f08b
 BuildRequires:	unzip
 BuildArch:	noarch
 BuildRoot:	%{tmpdir}/%{name}-%{version}-root-%(id -u -n)
@@ -417,6 +435,14 @@
 %description -n mbrola-voice-hr -l pl.UTF-8
 Męski głos chorwacki dla syntezatorów mowy mbrola i festival.
+%package -n mbrola-voice-hu
+Summary:	Files for Hungarian voice to be used the w/ mbrola and festival speech synthesizers
+Group:		Applications/Sound
+Requires:	mbrola
+%description -n mbrola-voice-hu
+Hungarian male voices for the mbrola and festival speech synthesizers.
 %package -n mbrola-voice-id
 Summary:	Files for Indonesian voice to be used the w/ mbrola and festival speech synthesizers
 Summary(pl.UTF-8):	Głos indonezyjski dla syntezatorów mowy mbrola i festival
@@ -484,6 +510,14 @@
 %description -n mbrola-voice-ko -l pl.UTF-8
 Damski i męski głos koreański dla syntezatorów mowy mbrola i festival.
+%package -n mbrola-voice-la
+Summary:	Files for Latin voice to be used the w/ mbrola and festival speech synthesizers
+Group:		Applications/Sound
+Requires:	mbrola
+%description -n mbrola-voice-la
+Latin male voice for the mbrola and festival speech synthesizers.
 %package -n mbrola-voice-lt
 Summary:	Files for Lithuanian voice to be used the w/ mbrola and festival speech synthesizers
 Summary(pl.UTF-8):	Głos litewski dla syntezatorów mowy mbrola i festival
@@ -491,7 +525,7 @@
 Requires:	mbrola
 %description -n mbrola-voice-lt
-Lithuanian male and female voices for the mbrola and festival speech
+Lithuanian male voices for the mbrola and festival speech
 %description -n mbrola-voice-lt -l pl.UTF-8
@@ -510,6 +544,16 @@
 %description -n mbrola-voice-mi -l pl.UTF-8
 Męski głos maoryjski dla syntezatorów mowy mbrola i festival.
+%package -n mbrola-voice-ms
+Summary:	Files for Malaysian voice to be used the w/ mbrola and festival speech synthesizers
+Summary(pl.UTF-8):	Głos holenderski dla syntezatorów mowy mbrola i festival
+Group:		Applications/Sound
+Requires:	mbrola
+%description -n mbrola-voice-ms
+Malaysian female voice for the mbrola and festival speech
 %package -n mbrola-voice-nl
 Summary:	Files for Dutch voice to be used the w/ mbrola and festival speech synthesizers
 Summary(pl.UTF-8):	Głos holenderski dla syntezatorów mowy mbrola i festival
@@ -641,7 +685,7 @@
 	echo "Unpacked as $c"
 %define	__unzip unpack
-%setup -qcT %(seq -f '-a %g' 1 66 | xargs)
+%setup -qcT %(seq -f '-a %g' 1 72 | xargs)
 cat > map <<'EOF'
 af1 afrikaans Afrikaans Male
@@ -663,6 +707,7 @@
 de5 german German Female
 de6 german German Male
 de7 german German Female
+de8 german German-Bavarian Male
 ee1 estonian Estonian Male
 en1 english British English Male
 es1 spanish Spanish Male
@@ -678,7 +723,9 @@
 gr1 greek Greek Male
 gr2 greek Greek Male
 hb1 hebrew Hebrew Male
+hb2 hebrew Hebrew Female
 hn1 korean Korean Male
+hu1 hungarian Hungarian Female
 ic1 icelandic Icelandic Male
 id1 indonesian Indonesian Male
 in1 hindi Hindi Male
@@ -691,9 +738,12 @@
 jp1 japanese Japanese Male
 jp2 japanese Japanese Female
 jp3 japanese Japanese Female
+la1 latin Classical Latin Male
 lt1 lithuanian Lithuanian Male
 lt2 lithuanian Lithuanian Male
+ma1 malay Malay Female
 mx1 spanish_mexican Spanish Mexican Male
+mx2 spanish_mexican Spanish Mexican Male
 nl1 dutch Small Dutch Male
 nl2 dutch Dutch Male
 nl3 dutch Dutch Female
@@ -784,7 +834,7 @@
 %files -n mbrola-voice-es_MX
-%doc docs/mx*/*
+%doc docs/mx*
 %files -n mbrola-voice-es_VE
@@ -814,7 +864,7 @@
 %files -n mbrola-voice-he
-%doc docs/hb*/*
+%doc docs/hb*
 %files -n mbrola-voice-hi
@@ -827,6 +877,11 @@
 %doc docs/cr*/*
+%files -n mbrola-voice-hu
+%doc docs/hu*/*
 %files -n mbrola-voice-id
 %doc docs/id*/*
@@ -852,11 +907,21 @@
 %doc docs/hn*/*
+%files -n mbrola-voice-la
+%doc docs/la*/*
 %files -n mbrola-voice-lt
 %doc docs/lt*
+%files -n mbrola-voice-ms
+%doc docs/ma*/*
 %files -n mbrola-voice-nl
 %doc docs/nl*
@@ -908,6 +973,9 @@
 All persons listed below can be reached at <cvs_login>
+Revision 1.12  2009/10/27 13:04:49  glen
+- new voices: de8, hb2, hu1, la1, ma1, mx2; rel 7
 Revision 1.11  2009/10/22 20:32:29  glen
 - voice desc for languages

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