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Tue Oct 27 21:53:42 CET 2009

Author: amateja                      Date: Tue Oct 27 20:53:42 2009 GMT
Module: packages                      Tag: HEAD
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Index: packages/perl-IO-Async/perl-IO-Async.spec
diff -u /dev/null packages/perl-IO-Async/perl-IO-Async.spec:1.1
--- /dev/null	Tue Oct 27 21:53:42 2009
+++ packages/perl-IO-Async/perl-IO-Async.spec	Tue Oct 27 21:53:37 2009
@@ -0,0 +1,92 @@
+# $Revision$, $Date$
+# Conditional build:
+%bcond_without	tests		# do not perform "make test"
+%include	/usr/lib/rpm/macros.perl
+%define	pdir	IO
+%define	pnam	Async
+Summary:	IO::Async - perform asynchronous filehandle IO and other operations
+Name:		perl-IO-Async
+Version:	0.24
+Release:	1
+# same as perl
+License:	GPL v1+ or Artistic
+Group:		Development/Languages/Perl
+# Source0-md5:	48449f1bc8ae94c2741e529df47321bd
+BuildRequires:	perl-devel >= 1:5.8.0
+BuildRequires:	rpm-perlprov >= 4.1-13
+%if %{with tests}
+BuildRequires:	perl(Async::MergePoint)
+BuildRequires:	perl(Socket::GetAddrInfo) >= 0.08
+BuildRequires:	perl(Test::Refcount)
+BuildRequires:	perl-Heap >= 0.8
+BuildRequires:	perl-Test-Exception
+BuildArch:	noarch
+BuildRoot:	%{tmpdir}/%{name}-%{version}-root-%(id -u -n)
+This collection of modules allows programs to be written that perform
+asynchronous filehandle IO operations. A typical program using them
+would consist of a single subclass of IO::Async::Loop to act as a
+container o other objects, which perform the actual IO work required
+by the program. As as IO handles, the loop also supports timers and
+signal handlers, and includes more higher-level functionallity built
+on top of these basic parts.
+Because there are a lot of classes in this collection, the following
+overview gives a brief description of each.
+The base class of all the event handling subclasses is
+IO::Async::Notifier. It does not perform any IO operations itself, but
+instead acts as a base class to build the specific IO functionallity
+upon. It can also coordinate a collection of other Notifiers contained
+within it, forming a tree structure.
+The following sections describe particular types of Notifier.
+# %description -l pl.UTF-8 # TODO
+%setup -q -n %{pdir}-%{pnam}-%{version}
+%{__perl} Build.PL \
+	destdir=$RPM_BUILD_ROOT \
+	installdirs=vendor
+%{?with_tests:./Build test}
+./Build install
+install -d $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_examplesdir}/%{name}-%{version}
+cp -a examples $RPM_BUILD_ROOT%{_examplesdir}/%{name}-%{version}
+%doc Changes README
+%define	date	%(echo `LC_ALL="C" date +"%a %b %d %Y"`)
+* %{date} PLD Team <feedback at>
+All persons listed below can be reached at <cvs_login>
+Revision 1.1  2009/10/27 20:53:37  amateja
+- initial

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