packages: cluster-glue/cluster-glue.spec (NEW) - initial, based on fedora ....

glen glen at
Wed Jan 13 15:50:40 CET 2010

Author: glen                         Date: Wed Jan 13 14:50:40 2010 GMT
Module: packages                      Tag: HEAD
---- Log message:
- initial, based on fedora .spec from tarball

---- Files affected:
   cluster-glue.spec (NONE -> 1.1)  (NEW)

---- Diffs:

Index: packages/cluster-glue/cluster-glue.spec
diff -u /dev/null packages/cluster-glue/cluster-glue.spec:1.1
--- /dev/null	Wed Jan 13 15:50:40 2010
+++ packages/cluster-glue/cluster-glue.spec	Wed Jan 13 15:50:35 2010
@@ -0,0 +1,113 @@
+# $Revision$, $Date$
+%define		subver	rc2
+%define		rel		0.1
+Summary:	Reusable cluster components
+Name:		cluster-glue
+Version:	1.0.2
+Release:	0.%{subver}.%{rel}
+License:	GPLv2+ and LGPLv2+
+Group:		Base
+# Source0-md5:	1f83b6bd83d9cae5310c32d14fecf2fd
+BuildRequires:	OpenIPMI-devel
+BuildRequires:	autoconf
+BuildRequires:	automake
+BuildRequires:	bzip2-devel
+BuildRequires:	curl-devel
+#BuildRequires:	docbook-dtds
+BuildRequires:	docbook-style-xsl
+BuildRequires:	glib2-devel
+BuildRequires:	libltdl-devel
+BuildRequires:	libnet-devel
+BuildRequires:	libstdc++-devel
+BuildRequires:	libtool
+BuildRequires:	libuuid-devel
+BuildRequires:	libxml2-devel
+BuildRequires:	libxslt
+BuildRequires:	net-snmp-devel >= 5.4
+BuildRequires:	openhpi-devel
+BuildRequires:	openssl-devel
+BuildRequires:	pkgconfig
+BuildRequires:	python-devel
+BuildRequires:	which
+Requires:	perl-TimeDate
+# Directives to allow upgrade from combined heartbeat packages
+Provides:	heartbeat-pils = 3.0.0-1
+Provides:	heartbeat-stonith = 3.0.0-1
+Obsoletes:	heartbeat-common
+Obsoletes:	heartbeat-pils < 3.0.0-1
+Obsoletes:	heartbeat-stonith < 3.0.0-1
+BuildRoot:	%{tmpdir}/%{name}-%{version}-root-%(id -u -n)
+A collection of common tools that are useful for writing cluster
+managers such as Pacemaker. Provides a local resource manager that
+understands the OCF and LSB standards, and an interface to common
+STONITH devices.
+%package libs
+Summary:	Reusable cluster libraries
+Group:		Development/Libraries
+Requires:	%{name} = %{version}-%{release}
+Obsoletes:	libheartbeat2
+%description libs
+A collection of libraries that are useful for writing cluster managers
+such as Pacemaker.
+%package libs-devel
+Summary:	Headers and libraries for writing cluster managers
+Group:		Development/Libraries
+Requires:	%{name} = %{version}-%{release}
+Requires:	%{name}-libs = %{version}-%{release}
+Obsoletes:	libheartbeat-devel
+%description libs-devel
+Headers and shared libraries for a useful for writing cluster managers
+such as Pacemaker.
+%setup -q -n %{name}-%{version}-%{subver}
+%configure \
+	--enable-fatal-warnings=yes \
+	--with-daemon-group=haclient \
+	--with-daemon-user=hacluster\
+	--docdir=%{_docdir}/%{name}-%{version}
+%{__make} install \
+## tree fix up
+# Dont package static libs
+find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT -name '*.a' -exec rm {} \;
+find $RPM_BUILD_ROOT -name '*.la' -exec rm {} \;
+%post	libs -p /sbin/ldconfig
+%postun	libs -p /sbin/ldconfig
+%define date	%(echo `LC_ALL="C" date +"%a %b %d %Y"`)
+* %{date} PLD Team <feedback at>
+All persons listed below can be reached at <cvs_login>
+Revision 1.1  2010/01/13 14:50:35  glen
+- initial, based on fedora .spec from tarball

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