packages: kadu/kadu.spec - removed dcopexport module residues

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Wed Sep 14 16:16:42 CEST 2011

Author: lisu                         Date: Wed Sep 14 14:16:42 2011 GMT
Module: packages                      Tag: HEAD
---- Log message:
- removed dcopexport module residues

---- Files affected:
   kadu.spec (1.355 -> 1.356) 

---- Diffs:

Index: packages/kadu/kadu.spec
diff -u packages/kadu/kadu.spec:1.355 packages/kadu/kadu.spec:1.356
--- packages/kadu/kadu.spec:1.355	Wed Sep 14 16:11:25 2011
+++ packages/kadu/kadu.spec	Wed Sep 14 16:16:37 2011
@@ -57,7 +57,6 @@
 %define		qt_ver			4.7.0
 %define		anonymous_check_ver	0.10.1
-%define		dcopexport_ver		0.11.3-20071129
 %define		geoip_ver		0.2
 %define		globalhotkeys_ver	0.10-25
 %define		mail_ver		0.3.6
@@ -86,38 +85,36 @@
 Source1:	%{name}.desktop
 # Source2-md5:	2dc4f69cf71d5ed9c7a94e5ff1719c5b
-Source3:	dcopexport-%{dcopexport_ver}-0.6.0.tar.bz2
-# Source3-md5:	b36fcfcf4756285f30cbb6c2b6c2a2da
-# Source4-md5:	b7eecb5a889cbb59b0c146357f689630
-# Source5-md5:	85fdf695c7fbc58e607dc15278391ab3
-# Source6-md5:	aa5a34784f4044c425fcc1b11f0ede3f
-# Source7-md5:	b7645a7ce571dc3549249863bf783020
-# Source8-md5:	e6f54571976c422d07154a66482fd343
-# Source9-md5:	4b2a47068928b9687c61816abeed86fe
-# Source10-md5:	4196e85fc4be93bd662f5148ebc18235
-# Source11-md5:	26772365e6aa794bc6e8155a60c9d01d
-# Source12-md5:	0ec2a68a636f2428be1f20967fa23baf
-# Source13-md5:	59f7ba01a63464818acaa5ff6fd176d5
-# Source14-md5:	83d9672c7f88b803510e7757dd36ea92
-# Source15-md5:	2da919d6359049a6e4827e795ba46b1a
-# Source16-md5:	c87d4b68d65c923118b6ac3e9396ff13
-# Source17-md5:	14de43361e3bc149478a076874e024f2
-# Source18-md5:	f518f6f2e458857c92cbe40c2062abe4
+# Source3-md5:	b7eecb5a889cbb59b0c146357f689630
+# Source4-md5:	85fdf695c7fbc58e607dc15278391ab3
+# Source5-md5:	aa5a34784f4044c425fcc1b11f0ede3f
+# Source6-md5:	b7645a7ce571dc3549249863bf783020
+# Source7-md5:	e6f54571976c422d07154a66482fd343
+# Source8-md5:	4b2a47068928b9687c61816abeed86fe
+# Source9-md5:	4196e85fc4be93bd662f5148ebc18235
+# Source10-md5:	26772365e6aa794bc6e8155a60c9d01d
+# Source11-md5:	0ec2a68a636f2428be1f20967fa23baf
+# Source12-md5:	59f7ba01a63464818acaa5ff6fd176d5
+# Source13-md5:	83d9672c7f88b803510e7757dd36ea92
+# Source14-md5:	2da919d6359049a6e4827e795ba46b1a
+# Source15-md5:	c87d4b68d65c923118b6ac3e9396ff13
+# Source16-md5:	14de43361e3bc149478a076874e024f2
+# Source17-md5:	f518f6f2e458857c92cbe40c2062abe4
 #Patch0:		%{name}-mail.patch
 %{?with_geoip:BuildRequires:	GeoIP-devel}
@@ -149,6 +146,7 @@
 Obsoletes:	kadu-module-advanced_userlist
 Obsoletes:	kadu-module-agent
 Obsoletes:	kadu-module-dbus
+Obsoletes:	kadu-module-dcopexport
 Obsoletes:	kadu-module-desc_history
 Obsoletes:	kadu-module-docking-wmaker <= 0.6.5
 Obsoletes:	kadu-module-filtering
@@ -288,18 +286,6 @@
 %description module-cenzor -l pl.UTF-8
 Moduł cenzora.
-%package module-dcopexport
-Summary:	Kadu DCOP interface
-Summary(pl.UTF-8):	Interfejs niektórych funkcji Kadu do DCOP
-Group:		Applications/Communications
-Requires:	%{name} = %{version}-%{release}
-%description module-dcopexport
-Kadu DCOP interface.
-%description module-dcopexport -l pl.UTF-8
-Interfejs niektórych funkcji Kadu do DCOP.
 %package module-docking-desktop
 Summary:	Desktop docking module
 Summary(pl.UTF-8):	Moduł dokowania w dowolnym punkcie ekranu
@@ -807,55 +793,52 @@
 %if %{with anonymous_check}
 tar xjf %{SOURCE2} -C plugins
-%if %{with dcopexport}
-tar xjf %{SOURCE3} -C plugins
 %if %{with globalhotkeys}
-tar xzf %{SOURCE4} -C plugins
+tar xzf %{SOURCE3} -C plugins
 %if %{with mail}
-tar xjf %{SOURCE5} -C plugins
+tar xjf %{SOURCE4} -C plugins
 %undos plugins/mail/translations/mail_pl.ts
 %patch1 -p0
 %if %{with mime_tex}
-tar xjf %{SOURCE6} -C plugins
+tar xjf %{SOURCE5} -C plugins
 %if %{with nextinfo}
-tar xzf %{SOURCE7} -C plugins
+tar xzf %{SOURCE6} -C plugins
 %if %{with notify_led}
-tar xzf %{SOURCE8} -C plugins
+tar xzf %{SOURCE7} -C plugins
 %if %{with notify_mx610}
-tar xjf %{SOURCE9} -C plugins
+tar xjf %{SOURCE8} -C plugins
 %if %{with notify_water}
-tar xjf %{SOURCE10} -C plugins
+tar xjf %{SOURCE9} -C plugins
 %if %{with panelkadu}
-tar xzf %{SOURCE11} -C plugins
+tar xzf %{SOURCE10} -C plugins
 %if %{with senthistory}
-tar xzf %{SOURCE12} -C plugins
+tar xzf %{SOURCE11} -C plugins
 %if %{with sms_plus_pl}
-tar xjf %{SOURCE13} -C plugins
+tar xjf %{SOURCE12} -C plugins
 %if %{with geoip}
-tar xjf %{SOURCE14} -C plugins
+tar xjf %{SOURCE13} -C plugins
 %if %{with notify_kde}
-#tar xzf %{SOURCE15} -C plugins
+#tar xzf %{SOURCE14} -C plugins
 %if %{with pajacyk}
-tar xjf %{SOURCE16} -C plugins
+tar xjf %{SOURCE15} -C plugins
 %if %{with messagessplitter}
-tar xzf %{SOURCE17} -C plugins
+tar xzf %{SOURCE16} -C plugins
 %if %{with networkping}
-tar xzf %{SOURCE18} -C plugins
+tar xzf %{SOURCE17} -C plugins
 # Change hard coded path to modules data files
@@ -1623,6 +1606,9 @@
 All persons listed below can be reached at <cvs_login>
+Revision 1.356  2011/09/14 14:16:37  lisu
+- removed dcopexport module residues
 Revision 1.355  2011/09/14 14:11:25  lisu
 - added new module: networkping

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