[packages/kde4-kio-mtp: 2/2] Clening spec a little.

matkor matkor at pld-linux.org
Thu Jan 31 22:37:14 CET 2013

commit 4f278469ee5747244a6e64685331773831a49aaa
Author: Mateusz Korniak <matkor at pld-linux.org>
Date:   Thu Jan 31 22:35:52 2013 +0100

    Clening spec a little.

 kde4-kio-mtp.spec | 23 +++++++----------------
 1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)
diff --git a/kde4-kio-mtp.spec b/kde4-kio-mtp.spec
index 076f771..c6cf2fe 100644
--- a/kde4-kio-mtp.spec
+++ b/kde4-kio-mtp.spec
@@ -9,23 +9,12 @@ Summary:	Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) kioslave
 Summary(pl.UTF-8):	Media Transfer Protocol (MTP) kioslave
 Name:		kde4-kio-mtp
 Version:	0.0.%{srcdate}
-Release:	0.1
-License:	LGPL (GPL/GPL v2/GPL v2+... choose one)
+Release:	0.2
+License:	GPL v3
 Group:		X11/Applications
-Source0:	http://beauty.ant.gliwice.pl/PLD/kio-mtp-20130121.tgz
+Source0:	http://beauty.ant.gliwice.pl/PLD/kio-mtp-%{srcdate}.tgz
 # Source0-md5:	630c2ae98cd37963287ec73ee6e96ad5
 URL:		http://www.afiestas.org/workspaces-gain-mtp-support/
-# leave only required ones, note kde4-kdelibs-devel requires already a bunch full of them
-#BuildRequires:	Qt3Support-devel >= %{qtver}
-#BuildRequires:	QtCore-devel >= %{qtver}
-#BuildRequires:	QtDBus-devel >= %{qtver}
-#BuildRequires:	QtDesigner-devel >= %{qtver}
-#BuildRequires:	QtGui-devel >= %{qtver}
-#BuildRequires:	QtScript-devel >= %{qtver}
-#BuildRequires:	QtSvg-devel >= %{qtver}
-#BuildRequires:	QtTest-devel >= %{qtver}
-#BuildRequires:	QtUiTools-devel >= %{qtver}
-#BuildRequires:	QtXml-devel >= %{qtver}
 BuildRequires:	automoc4 >= 0.9.88
 BuildRequires:	cmake >= 2.8.0
 BuildRequires:	kde4-kdelibs-devel >= %{kdever}
@@ -35,10 +24,12 @@ BuildRequires:	rpmbuild(macros) >= 1.605
 BuildRoot:	%{tmpdir}/%{name}-%{version}-root-%(id -u -n)
-Kioslave which allows to manage files in any MTP capable device, like Android ones from KDE.
+Kioslave which allows to manage files in any MTP capable device, like
+Android ones from KDE.
 %description -l pl.UTF-8
-Kioslave pozwalajacy zarzadzac plikami w urzadzeniach obslugujacych MTP, takich jak np Android z poziomu KDE.
+Kioslave pozwalający zarządzać plikami w urządzeniach obsługujących
+MTP, takich jak np Android z poziomu KDE.
 %setup -q -n %{orgname}

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