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    document new features

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@@ -3,14 +3,16 @@ Nagios plugin: check_elvis_status
 Check [Elvis DAM](http://www.elvisdam.com/) status via admin /server-status json data.
-This plugins allows you monitor any integer value from server-status json (specified with `-u` option),
-it takes expression via `-e` option, the warning and critical tresholds configurable with `-w` and `-c` 
-options respectively.
+This plugins allows you monitor number and boolean values from server-status json (specified with `-u` option).
+Numbers may be expressed with size qualifiers (TB, GB, MB).
+It expression is taken via `-e` option, the warning and critical tresholds are configurable with `-w` and `-c` 
+options respectively. Additionally `-i` option allows you inverse the comparision logic.
 Requires: php 5.0, php-json (if using php 5.2, use json pecl)
     ./check_elvis_status -u elvis.json -e '->securityStatus->apiOperationsToday' -m 'API ops' -w 3000 -c 5000

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