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qboosh qboosh at pld-linux.org
Sat Mar 30 09:50:45 CET 2013

commit 78dbb97fc7c1b28d3a4f1ca4e3e1286ce3fd8e24
Author: Jakub Bogusz <qboosh at pld-linux.org>
Date:   Sat Mar 30 09:50:34 2013 +0100

    - pl

 golang.spec | 21 +++++++++++++++++----
 1 file changed, 17 insertions(+), 4 deletions(-)
diff --git a/golang.spec b/golang.spec
index d0bd612..47550d5 100644
--- a/golang.spec
+++ b/golang.spec
@@ -8,14 +8,15 @@
 %bcond_without	verbose	# verbose build (V=1)
 Summary:	Go compiler and tools
+Summary(pl.UTF-8):	Kompilator języka Go i narzędzia
 Name:		golang
 Version:	1.0.3
 Release:	0.1
 License:	BSD
 Group:		Development/Languages
-URL:		http://golang.org/
 Source0:	http://go.googlecode.com/files/go%{version}.src.tar.gz
 # Source0-md5:	31acddba58b4592242a3c3c16165866b
+URL:		http://golang.org/
 BuildRequires:	bison
 BuildRequires:	ed
 BuildRequires:	rpm-pythonprov
@@ -42,8 +43,13 @@ BuildRoot:	%{tmpdir}/%{name}-%{version}-root-%(id -u -n)
 Go is an open source programming environment that makes it easy to
 build simple, reliable, and efficient software.
+%description -l pl.UTF-8
+Go to mające otwarte źródła środowisko do programowania, pozwalające
+na łatwe tworzenie prostych, pewnych i wydajnych programów.
 %package -n vim-syntax-%{name}
-Summary:	go syntax files for vim
+Summary:	Go syntax files for Vim
+Summary(pl.UTF-8):	Pliki składni Go dla Vima
 Group:		Applications/Editors
 Requires:	%{name} = %{version}-%{release}
 Requires:	vim-rt >= 4:7.2.170
@@ -54,8 +60,12 @@ BuildArch:	noarch
 %description -n vim-syntax-%{name}
 Go syntax files for vim.
+%description -n vim-syntax-%{name} -l pl.UTF-8
+Pliki składni Go dla Vima.
 %package -n emacs-%{name}
-Summary:	go syntax files for emacs
+Summary:	Go mode for Emacs
+Summary(pl.UTF-8):	Tryb Go dla Emacsa
 Group:		Applications/Editors
 %if "%{_rpmversion}" >= "5"
 BuildArch:	noarch
@@ -64,11 +74,14 @@ BuildArch:	noarch
 %description -n emacs-%{name}
 Go mode for Emacs.
+%description -n emacs-%{name} -l pl.UTF-8
+Tryb Go dla Emacsa.
 %setup -q -n go
 # broken tests
-rm src/pkg/net/multicast_test.go
+%{__rm} src/pkg/net/multicast_test.go

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