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main images are .box, .ova are symlink to them

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  ===== PLD Linux VM images =====
- [[:people:glen|I've]] created PLD VirtualBox images, exported into [[wp>Open Virtualization Format|OVA (Open Virtualization Archive)]] format.
- There's also [[/packages/Vagrant]] base images (''.box''). Actually now I build ''.box'' files, which if renamed are importable as ''.ova'' files.
+ [[:people:glen|I'm]] creating regularily (with [[wp>Jenkins (software)|Jenkins CI]]) [[/packages/Vagrant]] base images (''.box'').
+ The ''.box'' files are importable by VirtualBox if renamed to [[wp>Open Virtualization Format|OVA (Open Virtualization Archive)]] extension (''.ova''), The convience symlinks are on ftp as well.
    * ftp://ftp.pld-linux.org/people/glen/vm/
  To convert images to qemu qcow2 format, extract ''.box'' file (it's gnu tar format) and execute:

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