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  $ vagrant ssh
  the ''.box'' is actually [[https://github.com/mitchellh/vagrant/issues/1741|importable by plain VirtualBox]] as well if you rename the file as ''.ova'', on [[ftp://ftp.pld-linux.org/people/glen/vm/|ftp]] there are symlinks for .ova files made for convenience.
- ===== Grow a disk =====
- The VM contains 80GiB disk in LVM PV, default LVM allocation is rather minimal to get base packages installed and may be small when you actually copy files there.
- To increase rootfs by 2GiB:
- <code bash>
- poldek -u xfsprogs
- lvextend --size=+2G /dev/sys/rootfs
- xfs_growfs /
- </code>
  ===== What next? =====
  After box is up, you probably want to provision it or install packages with ''poldek'' directly. 
+ Also quite common is to [[people/glen/vm-info#grow_a_disk|grow a disk]]
  ==== Chef ====
  To install ''chef-solo'' do ''poldek -u chef'', if you want to run chef server inside that box, have look at [[chef-server]].

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