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[12th June 2014: New PHP packages in PLD Th] 

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  Making the switch now avoids that work and leaves the decision
  what PHP flavour to choose solely to the user.
  To do the upgrade, you should run ''poldek -u php53-common'' or ''php55-common''.
+ If you get wrong results (installing 5.5 but getting 5.3 packages), then add ''%%--ignore '*php53*'%%'' and remove offending package that lacks dependencies.
  ==== 2nd January 2014: Updated kernel packages for 2013 snapshot and main PLD Th line ====
  Due to a bug in our packaging system, x86_64 kernels in 2013 snapshot and main Th line suported only 8 CPUs.
  An updated and fixed kernel package set (with support for up to 512 CPUS) is available in 2013/updates and main PLD Th ftp repositories.

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