[packages/iperf3] - rel.1 - libs and devel packages

blues blues at pld-linux.org
Mon Nov 3 16:59:12 CET 2014

commit 56ccfbc12f32febd69deb596c32dc47f51411f61
Author: Paweł Gołaszewski <blues at pld-linux.org>
Date:   Mon Nov 3 16:58:46 2014 +0100

    - rel.1 - libs and devel packages

 iperf3.spec | 41 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++--
 1 file changed, 39 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
diff --git a/iperf3.spec b/iperf3.spec
index 0594f89..ffc8aeb 100644
--- a/iperf3.spec
+++ b/iperf3.spec
@@ -1,11 +1,11 @@
 # TODO:
-# - package library and devel files
+# - *.a and *.la? delete?
 %define	orgname	iperf
 Summary:	Network performance measurement tool
 Summary(pl.UTF-8):	Narzędzie do szacowania wydajności sieci
 Name:		iperf3
 Version:	3.0.3
-Release:	0.1
+Release:	1
 License:	BSD-like
 Group:		Networking/Utilities
 Source0:	http://stats.es.net/software/iperf-%{version}.tar.gz
@@ -26,6 +26,29 @@ smaller, simpler code base, and a library version of the functionality
 that can be used in other programs. iperf3 is not backwards compatible
 with iperf2.
+%package libs
+Summary:	Shared iperf3 libraries
+Summary(pl.UTF-8):      Biblioteki współdzielone iperf3
+Group:          Libraries
+%description libs
+Shared iperf3 libraries.
+%description libs -l pl.UTF-8
+Biblioteki współdzielone iperf3.
+%package devel
+Summary:        Header files for iperf3 libraries
+Summary(pl.UTF-8):      Pliki nagłówkowe bibliotek iperf3
+Group:          Development/Libraries
+Requires:       %{name}-libs = %{epoch}:%{version}-%{release}
+%description devel
+Header files for iperf3 libraries.
+%description devel -l pl.UTF-8
+Pliki nagłówkowe bibliotek iperf3.
 %setup -q -n %{orgname}-%{version}
 %patch0 -p1
@@ -47,8 +70,22 @@ rm -rf $RPM_BUILD_ROOT
+%post	libs -p /sbin/ldconfig
+%postun	libs -p /sbin/ldconfig
 %attr(755,root,root) %{_bindir}/iperf3
+%files libs
+%attr(755,root,root) %{_libdir}/libiperf.so.*.*.*
+%attr(755,root,root) %ghost %{_libdir}/libiperf.so.0
+%files devel
+%attr(755,root,root) %{_libdir}/libiperf.so

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