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  PLD is a free, RPM-based Linux distribution, created in 1998, aimed at the more advanced users and administrators, who accept the tradeoffs of using a system, that might require manual tweaking in exchange for much flexibility. Simultaneous availability for a wide variety of architectures and non-conservative approach to RPM usage provides our users with a consistent environment on almost all available architectures. More details are available in the [[:About|about]] section. 
  ===== News =====
+ ==== 1st Novermber 2020: Follow rpm 4.16 porting status ====
+ We have started actively testing rpm 4.16 porting:
+   * [[packages/rpm#rpm_416_porting_status| rpm 4.16 porting status ]]
  ==== 24th October 2020: PLD Linux PHP docker images ====
  Docker base images with PHP are provided:
    * https://gitlab.com/pld-linux/php
  ==== 13th January 2020: PLD Th 2019 snapshot released ====
  Today we released 2019 snapshot of PLD/Linux Th. It is available on [[ftp://ftp.pld-linux.org/dists/th/2019/PLD/|ftp://ftp.pld-linux.org/dists/th/2019/PLD/]] and as poldek sources th-2019. Please give mirrors 24 hours to synchronize. 

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