PLD kernel _is_ vulnerable to ptrace/execve bug exploits

Sebastian Zagrodzki s.zagrodzki at
Sun Apr 15 23:29:09 CEST 2001

just as in the topic. Try running epcs2.c (was posted on Bugtraq some
time ago). To kernel maintainers - please update our kernel package to
2.2.19, it isn't on ftp site and I couldn't build it either.
It seems that nobody checked _all_ of exploits that were shown on
Bugtraq :> as first two of them actually didn't do anything on our
And what's happening with 2.4.3, is it working already?

Sebastian Zagrodzki			s.zagrodzki at
UIN 1770835

A co mnie obchodzi, co pomyślą inni...

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