Michał Kuratczyk kura at
Tue Apr 24 12:05:25 CEST 2001

I can't compile balsa (1.1.3 from CVS). There is a problem with docbook and
documentation is not generated:
/usr/bin/install -c -m 644 ./index.html
/usr/bin/install: cannot stat `./index.html': No such file or directory
  make[3]: *** [install-balsa_helpDATA] Error 1

kura at gruby:~ % cd ~/rpm/BUILD/balsa-1.1.4/help/C
kura at gruby:~/rpm/BUILD/balsa-1.1.4/help/C % make index.html 2>&1| head -11
db2html -d stylesheet/dsssl/docbook-gnome/gdp-both.dsl balsa.sgml ||
db2html balsa.sgml
Using stylesheet: "stylesheet/dsssl/docbook-gnome/gdp-both.dsl"

input file was called balsa.sgml -- output will be in balsa

working on ../balsa.sgml
jade:E: cannot find "stylesheet/dsssl/docbook-gnome/gdp-both.dsl"; tried
jade:E: specification document does not have the DSSSL architecture as a
base architecture
jade:E: no style-specification or external-specification with ID "html"
jade:E: flow objects at the root must be all of class scroll or all of
class page-sequence or simple-page-sequence

PS I have the same problem with 1.1.4.
Michał Kuratczyk <kura at>

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