[Q] IPv6 ftp site?

이승민 smlee at explore.gwu.ac.kr
Wed Aug 22 14:44:41 CEST 2001

Hi, everyone!

I am developping a IPv6 tunneling code with module

I want to reference a PLD IPv6 ftp site.

Is a ftp site (ftp.ipv6.pld.org.pl) unavailable?

And have ever fourtun code (IPv4 in IPv6 tunneling) compiled
under kernel 2.2.x and kernel 2.4.x? 

Seung-Min Lee
Communication Protocol Engineering Lab.
School of Electronics Engineering
Kwangwoon Univeristy
Tel: +82-(0)2-940-5552
H.P: +82-(0)11-9097-6777

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