errr - what's wrong with sshd?

Michal Margula alchemyx at
Tue Feb 6 10:11:01 CET 2001

[wtorek, 06 luty 2001], Michal Margula napisał(a):

> alchemyx at mephisto sklep$ ssh 195.205.28.xx -l alchemyx
> alchemyx at mephisto sklep$ ssh alchemyx at 195.205.28.xx
> alchemyx at 195.205.28.xx's password:
> login: -h for super-user only.
> Connection to 195.205.28.xx closed.
> alchemyx at mephisto sklep$ ssh root at 195.205.28.xx
> root at 195.205.28.xx's password:
> Last login: Tue Feb  6 09:34:31 from
> skynet /root~#

Forget. UseLogin should be set to no. 

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