reiser fs problems

Michal Moskal malekith at
Mon Jan 29 15:11:18 CET 2001

I was testing (soon to be released) automatesz last weekend,
and I found follwing problem with reiserfs:
when installing dev package (over 5000 files) kernel
failed to alloacte inodes.

grow_inodes: allocation failed

and cpio screamed about full filesystem (it was over 3gig,
so this shouldn't be the case :). I was installing
with wuch, on machine w/ 32MB RAM. (phisical, +128MB swap)
(gave this info, since linux/fs/inode.c determines
number of inodes that can be allocated based upon
amount of phisical ram). Problem occured with both
r5 and tea hashes. Does any body has similar problem?

BTW: i'm not looking for a sollution, since I woudln't
install root on reiser anyway, that was testing only.

                        Michał Moskal <malekith at>

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