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Sat Mar 3 17:19:17 CET 2001

Just a forward
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Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2001 16:37:30 +0100
From: Helge Kreutzmann <kreutzm at itp.uni-hannover.de>
Subject: BUG_REPORT: SDL-Dependencies
To: Lukas Dobrek <dobrek at itp.uni-hannover.de>

Hello Lukas !
I am pretty sure the following dependencies are not correct:

    ->libartsc.so.0 is needed by SDL-1.1.8-1
    ->arts is needed by SDL-1.1.8-1
    ->kdelibs = 2.0.1 is needed by arts-2.0.1-4
    ->libkmedia2_idl.so.0 is needed by arts-2.0.1-4
    ->libmcop.so.0 is needed by arts-2.0.1-4
    ->libsoundserver_idl.so.0 is needed by arts-2.0.1-4
    ->kdelibs is needed by arts-2.0.1-4

You can use SDL without KDE. If you want I can ask my brother because
he is programming with SDL. Somehow the packager was unlucky to make
these dependencies.

Please forward it to the appropriate place (and no, we once tried that
I should post on the pld-bug-list but my mail was rejected, so I
cannot do it).



P.S. Both rpms were just pulled from ftp.pld.org.pl to be sure.
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