pld kernel 2.2.18-14 boot problems

Philip J. Hollenback phil at
Mon Mar 12 19:00:18 CET 2001


I've been experimenting with the 2.2.18-14 pld kernel.  Specifically,
I've been trying to incorporate it into a modified redhat 6.2 install

I can successfully rebuild the source rpm under redhat 6.2 and I have
a working install cd that installs it.  However, I cannot get a
running system afterwards.  I have a Tyan motherboard with the Via VP
chipset.  On bootup after install, I alwats get VFS panic - cannot
mount root.

I did discover that the Via driver is turned off in the config file.
I experimented with it both as a module and built directly in to the
kernel.  I have also tried building the ide driver directly into the
kernel.  With the via driver enabled, I see the drives are detected,
and the primary drive is hda.  Homwever, after that, I see a message
about ide0 not autoprobed, and the system then fails to boot, always
because it cannot mount root.

I am very impressed the work that has gone into this version of the
kernel, and I would love the get it booting.  Does anyone have any
idea what I need to change to fix this?  I confess I am not very
familiar with the initial ramdisk setup, do I need to change something


Philip J. Hollenback
philiph at

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