Translation of PLD installation instructions available

Rafał Kleger-Rudomin klakier at
Sun Mar 18 15:35:29 CET 2001


Raw translation of Marcin Chojnowski's temporary installation
notes is available in cvs (module 'doc')
In half an hour it will be also html version available at

original document can be also viewed

The autor is kindly requested to verify the document.

To anyone else who have cvs rw acces: if you find some bug or 
know how to translate some parts better, don't hesistate to correct me:

cvs co doc
cd doc/install/en
$EDITOR install.docb
cvs ci install.docb

If you do not have cvs rw access, please send comments to me


Rafał Kleger-Rudomin (klakier at

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