mozilla embedded (mozilla, galeon, skipstone)

wrobell wrobell at
Mon Oct 29 13:21:44 CET 2001

There is new spec: mozilla-embedded.
It provides all the files which are required by skipstone
and galeon projects to build (require mozilla-embedded-devel)
and run.

Embedded package from mozilla.spec is removed.

- embedded package contains some files from mozilla.spec
  but these files can be different themselves, i.e.

    rpm -qvlp mozilla-embedded mozilla | grep embed.jar

- mozilla builds on my system about 68 minutes
  mozilla-embedded 58 minutes, but there is 
  big possibility that it will take much less time

  so in the future galeon and skipstone users
  would be delivered faster with new browser version :-)
  mozilla browser users will be not so happy :-(

I have tested not heavily mozilla-embedded with skipstone and galeon.
If you used old embedded from mozilla.spec, you
know, that there were problems with scrollbars and psm. Now it works
but there is a small problem with psm - some texts are not displayed.
I do not know if it is problem with mozilla-embedded package or psm.
It does not affects mozilla.

It should be noticed also, that you can _still_ use galeon
and skipstone with _nonembedded_ version of mozilla.

So, please, when mozilla-embedded arrives to test, then test it
with preffered browser.

    wrobell <wrobell at>

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