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Wed Apr 24 20:02:37 CEST 2002

On Wed, Apr 24, 2002 at 07:57:21PM +0200, Artur Skura wrote:
> What do you think?
It's quite good, I think, but it lacks sume rules: what one should or
shouldn't do (like not moving STABLE tags and such).

> BTW I think our web pages are completely foreigner-unfriendly.
> What is the point of making "Contact" in English if the text
> is in Polish? 
> Regards,
> Artur
> -- 

> Why join PLD team?
> ==================
> PLD is the biggest RPM-based distribution in the world. If you want to
Is that truth?

> share this experience of developing a distribution made by over
> a hundred volunteers, taking part in shaping the system - read on.
> How to join?
> ============
> This is really simple. First, visit
> (it says it's made by Poles and in Poland, you can ignore it). 
> Subscribe to the mailing list pld-devel-en (the archives and info
> about subscribing can be found at
> Noe the real part: getting write acces to our CVS. You can get it by

> filling up the form at Iif you

> already know some members of PLD-team, you can ask them to recommend
> you as a new developer.
> What can I do?
> ==============
> A lot! First of all, you can try out all you exciting ideas. You can

> add everything you ever wanted to have in a distro but couldn't. Of
> course, if yoy want to introduce some revolutionary changes, it's a

> good idea to ask others first.
> You can start by looking at the .spec files. Having checked out the
> specs from our CVS (cvs up SPECS) look at them and you can easily see
> what needs to be added and modified. You can see the lists of
> available CVS modules at
> You can start by adding a new package. We have prepared a template
> which can be a good starting point: check it out in /PLD-doc module in

> our CVS (file template.spec). Ask people for opinion - on the mailing 
> list or IRC (#pld). Don't worry if you make an error - you can always 
> go back to a previous revision using -r option of cvs
> get/checkout/update commands. If you modufy specs made by someone

> else, be careful not to break anything. Always build before committing
> (ok, unless you foun a typo). If you feel the package should be

> rebuild and updaten on our ftp site (e.g. you have corrected a serious

> bug), remember to increasre the release number. 
Not olny serious bugs are reasons for incrasing release number. Typos in
otherwise ready package are good reasons too.

> I want to see the results of my work!
> =====================================
> Be patience. The packages are sent for build to our building
     ^^^^^^^^                        ^^^^^^^^^
for being built [I'm not sure].

> machines. The building process succeeds for some and fails for
> some. You can inspect the output logs at
I don't like that sentence. Maybe that way:
Build logs are available via web interface at There you can check if building of your
package completed successfully.

> If everything is OK, your package is moved to the /test directory,
> then - if no one complains, after a couple of days - to the main
> tree. 
> You can see if people use your package when they complain - and they
> do! Check out to see bug reports. Often these
> issueas are trivial to resolve.
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