[MBT] new ticket for pkg cvs "segfault with CONFIG_DIR"

Tomek Orzechowski orzech at pld.org.pl
Wed Dec 18 11:48:44 CET 2002

[18 grudzień, 2002] bugs at pld.org.pl napisał:

>Date: 2002-12-18 09:40:05+01	Author: Leszek Krupiński (Leon) <leafnode at pld.org.pl> 
>Title:         segfault with CONFIG_DIR
>Ticket ID:     #505
>Ticket URL:    http://bugs.pld.org.pl/?bug=505
>Package:       cvs-1.11.2-6
>Distribution:  PLD-Ra.main PLD-1.0.devel.main PLD-1.0.devel.test PLD-1.0.devel.supported
>Category:      doesn't work as it should
>Current state: opened
>When CONFIG_DIR is set and that directory doesn't exists CVS dumps segmentation

cvs home_etc patch has been improved/fixed few days ago - STBR cvs.spec
to RA-updates, please.

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