PPC and it's PLD kernels

Marcin Chojnowski martii at obgyn.edu.pl
Sun Jun 2 05:23:43 CEST 2002


As Dzimi asked me for PLD kernel testing for PPC arch I did it in the

I'm using Mandrake 2.4.18 kernel as an backup (it works OK)

The problems with kernel started after moving out extfs system support
from kernel to modules.

It doesn't matter of kernel I used 2.4 or brand new 2.2 form Dzimi I get
always the same error:

Elf32 kernel loaded ...
Loading ramdisk...
/pci/mac-io/bla bla bla ...,/boot/initrd: Unknown or corrupt filesystem

My initrd is about 50 kb so I think it contains ext2 module inside.

Rebuilding it by hand makes no difference.

BTW: 2.2.21 kernel shows few unresolved symbols during installation

Anyway thats all about my investigation in this case.


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