[ANN] KDE-3.0.2 and QT-3.0.4

Michal Kochanowicz michal at michal.waw.pl
Sat Jun 29 01:10:39 CEST 2002


There are some packeges from KDE-3.0.2 for i686 on:
and QT-3.0.4 on:

These packages were built on minimal _Ra_ chroot. I really mean minimal.
It was created with:
poldek --root /var/chroot/builder -i poldek bash rpm-build
and then filled with packages from BuildRequires. At first QT was built.
Then KDE3. Some packages have 0.1 release, but there is no difference
between version 0.1 and 1. Simply when they built correctly I've set
release to 1 and commited specs to CVS.

Well, it works for me. I don't have any packages from NEST. If anybody
try to use these packages I would like to know if it works for him.

PS. kdemultimedia is building now. When it's done, I'll upload it to the
same location. And so I'll do with others.
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