Michal Moskal malekith at
Fri Mar 15 18:38:37 CET 2002

I made initrd subpackge in mdctl, linked against dietlibc. It is meant
to be build by default and put in distribution resources. I'm going to
hack lvm and raidtools, and commit shortly.

mdctl-init package contains just /sbin/initrd-mdctl.

I'm talking about it, since other packages linked with diet/uc are
simply done using changing %{__cc}. However, as these packages are going
to be of big usage (they will be required in near future by geninitrd
to generate initrd for raid/lvm systems properly), they cannot be built
using home-grown methods. Therefore we need dietlibc{-devel,-static,} on

A note about raid support in bsp -- it will be removed shortly (it
doesn't work anyway).

BTW: when hacking packages to built with uClibc/dietlibc, please remove
glibc-devel from chroot you're doing it in. It will ensure glibc is not
used (this was the case with slang).

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