[MBT] new entry in pkg xscreensaver "update request"

Lukas Dobrek dobrek at itp.uni-hannover.de
Tue May 14 12:11:00 CEST 2002

On Tue, May 14, 2002 at 09:56:40AM -0000, bugs at pld.org.pl wrote:
> Date: 2002-05-14 11:56:40+02	Author: Erik Smit (Zoiah) <bugs.pld at zoiah.net> 
> Title:         update request
> Ticket ID:     #187
> Ticket URL:    http://bugs.pld.org.pl/?bug=187
> Package:       xscreensaver-1:4.02-1
> Distribution:  PLD-Ra.main
> Category:      feature request
> Current state: ignored
> Text:
> same as 189
This is stupid. Sorry to say it but it is. It is not informative enough.

> *** State changed to 'ignored'

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