XML catalog

Artur Frysiak wiget at pld.org.pl
Mon May 27 09:37:15 CEST 2002

Fact 1)
libxml2 support XML catalog (/etc/xml/catalog) like misc sgml tool
support SGML Super Catalog (/etc/sgml/catalog).
Fact 2)
yelp and libvfs-help.so from libgnome requires working /etc/xml/catalog.
Fact 3)
wrobell add XML catalog support to our libxml2 package.

Place of /etc/xml/catalog ?
I think better place for XML catalog is libxml2-progs because this
package includes /usr/bin/xmlcatalog - tool to manage XML catalogs.
But libxml2 uses this file directly and require it for proper work.

I modified *dtd* packages for XML catalog support but I not commit it to
CVS before answer at this question.
And this is showstopper for GNOME2.

Artur Frysiak

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