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Sat Oct 12 15:30:21 CEST 2002

On Sat, 12 Oct 2002, lubos klokner wrote:

> * Tomasz Kłoczko <kloczek at> (11.10.2002):
> > > no, i'm using konsole from kde.
> > 
> > Are you talking about konsole from PLD kdebase ?
> > Our konsole is patched (kdebase-konsole-TERM.patch) for negotiate by 
> > default TERM=xterm-color.
> no, i have mandrake on my workstation... i'm using pld only on servers.

MDK/RH developers ignores fact TERM=xterm is mono and some packages have
exist hacks for this. Example in mc: mc-4.5.27-xtermcolor.patch (mc runed
on TERM=xterm-color starts in color mode by default [1]). Also after
swithing to TERM=xterm-color many other programs starts using colors
without any addytional changes (lynx, jed, slrn, mutt ..). In PLD also was
added by me few patches which removes injection in eterm, gnome-terminal
enviroment variable $COLORTERM which using as next ingnores TERM=xterm is
mono terminal tries inform application about terminal color abilities 
(ignoring terminfo/termcap).

Summarize: in PLD all this kind hacks was removed or not applayed and
all programs uses *only* terminfo avalaible terminal descriptions. Result:
much more term applications uses colors without any additional

[1] IMHO it will be good simplify mc by remove code which andles
variable color_terminals in [Colors] section in ~/.mc/ini file.
Afer swithing to preffer TERM=xterm-color this can be performed without
remove any valueable mc functionalities.

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