Gnome 2.2 Nest/test status

wrobell wrobell at
Sun Feb 9 16:02:23 CET 2003

As several people have noticed we have Gnome 2.2 in Nest branch of PLD

However, several things need to be finished:

1. GStreamer. Core library is on ftp but plugins needs to be finished.
The spec is almost done (look for the todo list at the begining of
spec file) but there are several libraries not built on Nest builders...

2. Multimedia appliactions: gstreamer-player, nautilus-media,
gnome-media. They will appear in Nest just after gst plugins will be

3. Missing directories. For example /usr/share/gnome is not owned by
any package (I am not sure which one should own it... libgnome?).

4. PR person. Somebody who will announce the availability of new
Gnome versions on Anybody?

And additionally

5. Gimp 1.3.x. Perl support is not enabled. Python support is enabled
but, imho, should be moved to separate package and the Python console
problem on Gimp startup should be fixed.

    wrobell <wrobell at>
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