problem updating stunnel

Paweł Gołaszewski blues at
Mon Jul 28 15:03:29 CEST 2003

On Mon, 28 Jul 2003, Adam Gołębiowski wrote:
> > > > i can not update/install new version of stunnel.
> > > Why didn't you use poldek ? It's the best rpm-tool a man can get :)
> > > It's simple and more flexible than apt. And it is PLD tool :)

well... I like apt too, but apt for rpms has some bugs :(

> > ok, but can you tell me how to update all packages to latest versions
> > with poldek (something like apt-get update) ? i didn't find it in man
> > page.
> poldek --up (same as apt-get update)
> poldek --upgrade-dist (same as apt-get upgrade)

not exactly.
`poldek --upgrade-dist` is only similar to `apt-get upgrade`
There is no exact equivalent of `apt-get dist-upgrade` which I liked very 
much. Some things are made by --greedy and --mercy options.

I advise to set in poldek.conf:
confirm_installs = yes
choose_equivalents_manually = yes

This will make poldek similar to apt.

pozdr.  Paweł Gołaszewski 
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