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Andrzej Krzysztofowicz ankry at
Tue Jun 22 13:40:22 CEST 2004

lubos klokner wrote:
> * Sergiusz Pawlowicz <ser at> (21.06.2004):
> > --->[Quoting lubos klokner <lubos at>:]
> >=20
> > > have you got any work for me ?
> >=20
> > You've asked very general question. We do not know what do
> > you want to  do... Could you prepare English  www site for
> > PLD?
> i just want to help pld developers in any way.
> the most i'm missing are security announces and any news in english
> language.
> i don't understand polish and my english isn't best, so i'm not
> sure if i'm the best one for preparing pld english www page.

If your English is not so good to write in it, you cat always prepare
translation of some PLD-specific resources into your favourite language
(rc-scripts, poldek, ...)

Each contribution is welcome.

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