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Tue Oct 18 20:46:42 CEST 2005

Dnia 18-10-2005, wto o godzinie 09:14 +0200, Fryderyk Dziarmagowski
>  --- "Patrys :: Patryk Zawadzki" <patrys at> wrote:
> > Read Mozilla docs. Mozilla can link directly against xft or against
> > freetype2. This has nothing to do with the toolkit of choice as the
> > canvas (the part where site content is rendered) is toolkit-independent.
> I don't talk about GUI or canvas, but only about font rendering.

Yes you do, these options are related to canvas.

> > Enable/disable xft/freetype2 has no impact on the rest of Fx GUI.
> Breaking mozilla-firefox build is a big impact.

This does not break any build.
> > Read the whole thing:
> > 
> > ac_add_options --enable-xft
> >         Enables XFT advanced font rendering. This is only available with
> >         --enable-default-toolkit=gtk2, and it is recommended with gtk2 
> >         
> > ac_add_options --enable-freetype2
> >         Enables freetype font rendering. This is the default for the GTK
> >         toolkit. Not compatible with --enable-xft
> GTK = old gtk+ (1.2.x), gtk2 = gtk+2 (2.x.x)...

This was my mistake as it was a late commit. It was supposed to be the
other way around, still, these options are _mutually exclusive_.

> > Especially the "not compatible with" part. Full configure options
> > description available at
> >
> Why should I read it? I don't have problems with undefined symbols and
> I don't want to use deprecated pango X font backend.

See above.

Other news: currently Firefox seems to be fixed and I hereby request a
rebuild to ac-ready. (Release is a round integer again.)

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