Initramfs in geninitrd

Cezary Krzyzanowski dhubleizh at
Sun Dec 10 00:41:31 CET 2006

Today I've smoked my first 'serious' sh script, making another script
(linuxrc). Now I feel what webdevelopers must feel like.

Ok these changes *should* make possible proper initramfs start with both
udev on and off (I'm using udev, but I've also tested without and it
seems to work)

The generated init script can make use of root paramter, both in
form /dev/something /my/dir/super/device or 0203 and init parameter.

I've also done some early setups for splashutils. I've got silent and
verbose splash working on my laptop and I'll write some splash adding to

One thing that makes me trouble is udev. Now static linked udev doesn't
do totally anything in init/linuxrc. It doesn't make a single device!

As I've sniffed arround, we're renaming udev in our udev.spec to
initrd-udev, but FC ppl rename udevd and start a static udevd in init.
I've been able to make this happen, but that implies having a static
udevtrigger and udevsettle in initramfs, as a little tweaked start_udev
script there. That could be wrong. Any ideas then how to make udev
happen in early boot instaed of whole udev daemon??

Cz at rny
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