Initramfs in geninitrd - ready RFC

Cezary Krzyzanowski dhubleizh at
Wed Dec 13 14:09:17 CET 2006

Dnia 10-12-2006, nie o godzinie 00:41 +0100, Cezary Krzyzanowski
> Ok these changes *should* make possible proper initramfs start with both
> udev on and off (I'm using udev, but I've also tested without and it
> seems to work)

Ok - so finished - works.

I've replaced a mix of awk and sh to clean awk parsing and then I do
what I must in sh (like making a device node). The device will be
created if there is no device in /dev passed by root (regardless of
udev). So if there is no udev or udev fails to make a device and s/b
passed it as a parameter - it will be made as long it exists
in /proc/partitions

Full support for fbsplash incorporated as well. Some sanity checks (as
not both bootsplash and fbslash, or no fbsplash other then in
initramfs). Should work nicely.

I've also modified the sysconfig geninitrd file and splashutils
sysconfig fbsplash file to show options needed to be set for fbplash to
work correctly.

The only remaining problem is udev. Gonna toy with it later.

For now please wrie any comments. On resolving all comments I'm
commiting back to trunk and sending to buildres.

Cz at rny
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