Status of the MPlayer on AC-branch and HEAD, x264 and amr support (as of 2006-05-04)

Marek Guevara Braun marek.guevara at
Thu May 4 16:41:35 CEST 2006

Both versions of MPlayer (mplayer.spec) on HEAD and AC-branch have got
a label/release of pre7try3 but in fact we do download and build
release pre7try2. Is there pre7try3 available somewhere?
I have heard about try8 version, but havent seen it on the project
ftp server.

On the AC-branch there are additional audio codecs AMR/3GPP used
in modern mobile camera phones - this could be easily ported to
HEAD (copy/paste bcond/sources/build section - all is located inside
amr bcond).

On both branches we have disabled support for x264/H264 video codecs,
current libx264-devel is not compatible with libavcodec/x264.c.
I have digged a little bit and found that libavcodec/x264.c
from mplayer 1.0pre7try2 is taken from almost 2 year old ffmpeg code.
Today x264.c/h code is quite different.

I have tested cvs version of mplayer and libavcodec/libutils/libformats
from ffmpeg cvs (both 2006-05-03) and with the versions we can build
a (more or less) working x264/H264 capable mplayer. I will write more
about stability of H264 decoder after some tests).
>From the ffmpeg/mplayer cvs logs it looks like some changed in the H264
area from the current status of our ffmpeg from HEAD (january 2006).

So, probably if we want to have support for H264 in mplayer, cvs version
is the way to go.


PS I have heard also about building mplayer with shared ffmpeg support.
Is it possible ?

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