[Ac] Mozilla removal?

Marcin Król hawk at limanowa.net
Tue May 9 14:44:21 CEST 2006

Since Mozilla Suite got an EOL I'm thinking about removing it from Ac.
Why? Any potential security issues or bugs that could be found in near
or far future will not be fixed. So some day we may end with outdated,
buggy, insecure package which can't be updated/patched/fixed. It could
be even tomorrow.

Below I've listed few questions/problems:

1. Many apps require mozilla-devel at build stage. Should we build these
against seamonkey-devel or mozilla-firefox-devel?

2. Depending on answer for 1st question - anyone knows about
build/compile time problems when building against seamonkey/firefox?
Which apps are known to be working and which are not?

3. If mozilla will be removed, should seamonkey packages provide
mozilla-libs, mozilla-devel etc? Note: it should if we will choose
building against seamonkey.

4. Does anyone see any other problem(s) with removing mozilla? (I'm sure
I've forgot most important ones :))

IMO we should build all possible apps against firefox. Its default
mozilla.org browser while seamonkey is AFAIR made by Mozilla Suite fans
for Mozilla Suite fans. Because of this seamonkey may become, hm...
incompatible with apps that require mozilla-devel. Also apps authors may
not support seamonkey.

So I see it this way:

1. Build everything mozilla related with mozilla-firefox, adjust all
required specs (this is huge work, any volunteers?)
2. Remove mozilla from Ac
3. Put seamonkey in Ac to make all Mozilla Suite fans happy, but don't
build any mozilla related apps against it


P.S. Some mozilla related apps (like epiphany) requires whole firefox.
This is crazy. Shouldn't we create some mozilla-firefox-embedded or
mozilla-firefox-libs subpackage? Anyone wants to do this?

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