SPECS: xulrunner.spec (NEW) - started packaging xulrunner, spec ba...

Marcin Król hawk at limanowa.net
Tue May 16 23:33:04 CEST 2006

> but the packages are still grouped, to avoid name collision or just easier to 
> locate them. or have strict naming (php-{pecl,pear}-, perl-}

They are not grouped. They are all separate packages and does not share
any files/libs. And SeaMonkey for example is even not maintained by
Mozilla AFAIK.

> horde-APPNAME
> python-
> perl-
> php-{pecl,pear}-

They all share something, mozilla stuff does not.

> which is imho good. i even was there being renaming all horde apps  to 
> horde-APPNAME.

Yeah, and you did it because of package name collision AFAIR :)


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