[info] packages removed from Ac

Marcin Król hawk at limanowa.net
Fri May 26 12:38:07 CEST 2006


Some packages were today removed from Ac. If someone wants them back, he
should fix issues listed below (if possible).

- php-pear-MDB2_Driver_fbsql
depends on nonexistent php-fbsql package

- php-pear-MDB2_Driver_oci8
depends on php-oci8 which is not built for Ac (and will probably never
be, due to dependancy on oracle)

- bigsister
depends on perl-DBD-Oracle which will not go to Ac because it doesn't
builds w/o oracle

- gnomemeeting
obsoleted by ekiga

- gstreamer-player
2 year old app, doesn't build with current stable gstreamer stuff


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