Adding a user to CVS (apollotiger)

Aredridel aredridel at
Fri Apr 20 20:27:46 CEST 2007

I'd love to add my friend apollotiger to CVS. He's helped me with ruby
and gaim specs off and on, and is using PLD on most of his machines,
building a lot from CVS anyway and finding things to fix.


>From IRC today:
[11:33:11] Aria says “Any objection to adding apollotiger to cvs? He keeps helping me with ruby and gaim specs”
[11:33:13] Aria says “?”
[11:36:52] arekm says “you need three +1 on pld-devel-en for that”
[11:37:10] arekm says “shouldn't be a problem anyway”
[11:37:45] shadzik says “Aria, you have my vote !”
[11:37:57] * Aria nods
[11:37:58] shadzik says “of course... that will cost you... :)”
[11:38:01] Aria says “Haha.”
[11:38:02] SamChi says “Aria: just drop a message at devel-en list”
[11:38:04] Aria says “++”
[11:38:07] Aria says “Will do.”
[11:38:31] shadzik says “SamChi, will you add my vote to that list ? i don't subscribe devel-en”
[11:38:49] shadzik says “Aria, or just do it by yourself, add my vote +1”
[11:39:02] SamChi says “Aria: He should present himself aswell, just to be sure he's subscribed to the list”
[11:39:08] SamChi says “shadzik: than do it”
[11:42:57] shadzik says “Aria, i mean it :) i'm +1 on that idea”
[11:43:36] SamChi says “ ?”
[11:47:38] Aria says “Yes.”

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