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Wed Aug 1 23:22:45 CEST 2007

2007/8/1, Jakub Bogusz <qboosh at>:
> Leaving users with --force is not an option.

Why? It's a clear solution: Something conflicts, like default installs of
apache/lighttpd (or any other -- I'm not referring to this particular pair)
conflicting on the 80 port. You get "If you really now what you're doing do
a force". What's the problem? With good preconfigured poldek extensions You
wan't feel a difference! A bonus is that NU won't hang themselves while
trying to install something and getting something uninstalled behind theri

If some packages are easily switchable replacements, Conflicts behaves
> worse, because disallows to atomically replace package.
> True -- this is a neat feature, but logically it sucks -- a package
obsoletes something it provides. Maybe ask Jeff for some help? A new tag, or

I feel "all" really means yum (including its UIs)

smart, apt-rpm afaik

In distros which don't provide alternative packages.

We clearly do

Or use "alternatives" mechanism, like Debian.

That's not an option -- you don't want to have *one from a group* behavior,
but *all in a group* behavior, like all www servers at once!

Cz at rny
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