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Fri Nov 16 22:21:53 CET 2007

Dnia piątek 16 listopad 2007, Shad Sterling napisał:
> Krystian Tomczyk wrote:
> > wine-0.9.49-1.i686 suggests installation of: binfmt-detector
> > Try to install it? [N/y]
> >
> > Maybe first test if package is installed and if not then write this
> > question?
> +1  I've tripped over this in other cases

... and one more thing. When there are more than one Suggest it ask to install 
them all. It should ask for each separately. Example:

some_package suggests installation of: package0, package1, package2
Try to install it? [Yes, No, Confirm each separately] c
some_package suggests installation of: package0
Try to install it? [Yes, No] y
some_package suggests installation of: package1
Try to install it? [Yes, No] n
some_package suggests installation of: package2
Try to install it? [Yes, No] y

Pozdrawiam, Kamil Dziedzic
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