find-lang r1.23

Elan Ruusamäe glen at
Thu Feb 14 18:47:04 CET 2008

find lang r1.23 is broken for kde

prior that revision it used to find --with-kde items for such paths:


but now it is able to find kcontrol (or kcontrol/colors, but later puts the 
langfile to kcontrol/ dir)

and i couldn't just use %find_lang kcontrol, as the kcontrol subdir items are 
put to different packages:

kcontrol/colors, kcontrol/fonts, ... -> kdebase-core
kcontrol/clock, ... -> kdebase

not sure even what is broken here, find_lang or kdebase packaging

i could find_lang kcontrol and grep out components for kdebase-core vs 
kdebase, but is that the way to solve this?

in simplest form current kdebase.spec has:
    %find_lang colors --with-kde
    %find_lang fonts --with-kde
    %find_lang clock --with-kde


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