kde 3.5.9 dependency problems

Jakub Bogusz qboosh at pld-linux.org
Sun Feb 17 18:17:45 CET 2008

On Sun, Feb 17, 2008 at 06:10:49PM +0100, Marcin Krol wrote:
> Hi.
> There are problems with recent kde No way to install some parts of it 
> w/o using --nodeps. Few examples below. There are probably more.
> Weird things: "rpm -qp --requires" doesn't show these requirements. Also 
> "poldek --verify=deps" doesn't show those problems, yet its impossible 
> to install.

They look like symlink deps. Does poldek known them?
rpm 4.4.9 doesn't allow to install packages with broken symlinks.

> poldek:/all-avail> install kdepim-libs-3.5.9-2.i686
> Processing dependencies...
> There are 1 package to install:
> I kdepim-libs-3.5.9-2.i586
> Need to get 4.9MB of archives. After unpacking 21.0MB will be used.
> Executing rpm --install -vh --root / --noorder...
> error: Failed dependencies:
> 	/usr/lib/libknodecommon.so.3.0.0 is needed by kdepim-libs-3.5.9-2.i586

libknodecommon.so.3.0.0 is in kdepim-knode, which is not required in
other way (by explicit, soname or directory deps).

BTW, shouldn't libknodecommon.so symlink be moved to -devel?

> poldek:/all-avail> install kdemultimedia-devel-3.5.9-2.i686

Similar case with libraries distributed over packages not required
otherwise by -devel.

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