broken .desktop files

Elan Ruusamäe glen at
Sun Feb 24 20:59:05 CET 2008

please now revert the change that made MimeType terminated with semicolon.

you broke KDE mimetypes (it sees it as "application/x-mplayer2;" not 
as "application/x-mplayer2"

at least /usr/share/mimelnk entries are not liked this way. no idea 
aboout /usr/share/applications. and desktop-file-validate doesn't 
like /usr/share/mimelnk files at all.

revision 1.3
date: 2007-12-26 13:39:55 +0000;  author: blekot;  state: Exp;  lines: +1 -2;  
commitid: qGUhKeqKNGjWAWKs;
- massive change ( validate errors warrings from desktop-file-validate)
  - sed -i 's,Encoding=UTF-8,,g' *.desktop
  - sed -i "s,.png,,1" `grep -l 'Icon=[^/].*\.png' *.desktop`
  - sed -i "s,MimeType=.*,\0;,g" `grep "MimeType.*semicolon" validate |
awk '{print $1}' |tr ":" " "`
  - sed -i 's,MapNotify=.*,,g' *.desktop
  - sed -i '/^$/d' *.desktop
- not all error/warrings validated


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