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Andrzej Krzysztofowicz ankry at
Fri Jul 24 08:16:14 CEST 2009

Elan =?utf-8?q?Ruusam=C3=A4e?= wrote:
> glen at builder-ac pld/all-specs $ grep -B1 glibc kde-i18n.spec
> # sr at Latn vs. sr at latin
> Conflicts:      glibc-misc < 6:2.7
> however, now that everything, including locales were moved back to main 
> package, not sure about this conflict line. we should include there perhaps 
> version after the merge (as no earlier version is present):
> Conflicts:      glibc < 6:2.10.1-5
> or how do you handle such deps in sane manner?
> and do we need the conflict at all as it would fail to install due missing 
> dirdeps anyway for older glibc...

The deps were generally for poldek that knew nothing about the dirdeps.

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