xz vs. lzma

Pawel Golaszewski blues at pld-linux.org
Thu Jun 18 12:28:00 CEST 2009

On Thu, 18 Jun 2009, Paweł Zuzelski wrote:
> > > xz has replaced lzma, "Provides/Obsoletes" it and install symlink 
> > > lzma that points to xz. Unfortunatelly these programs are not 
> > > compatibile. xz is unable to decompress file compressed with lzma.
> > First of all - ask xz developers what they will do. Maybe it's just a 
> > bug. If not - we should do something about that.
> #tukaani
> 09:23 < pawelz> Hello
> 09:24 < pawelz> New xz is unable to decompress file compressed using lzma. Is it a bug or feature? :)
> 09:26 < pawelz> Are you going to fix it? Or just file format has changed and new versions won't be compatibile with older ones??
> 11:00 <@Larhzu> Hello
> 11:00 <@Larhzu> You got luck, I've been away over a week.
> 11:01 <@Larhzu> pawelz: How was that .lzma file created? XZ Utils supports all .lzma files that the lzma tool from LZMA Utils 4.32.x can create.
> 11:02 <@Larhzu> But there are types of .lzma files that are not supported by XZ Utils but are supported by LZMA Utils. Such files should be very rare.
> 11:03 < pawelz> Larhzu: I've created it using: tar acvf file.tar.lzma directory
> 11:04 <@Larhzu> What does lzma --version say?
> 11:04 < pawelz> Larhzu: ftp://distfiles.pld-linux.org/distfiles/by-md5/6/4/64c8be7214ca41b98180e7e81844cf10/telak-0.5.tar.lzma
> 11:06 <@Larhzu> pawelz: That's in an old development version of the new file format. You can decompress it only if you know what *exact* version the development code was used to create the file.
> 11:06 <@Larhzu> pawelz: In other words, someone made a major mistake by using unstable file format.
> (...)
> 11:10 <@Larhzu> They are easy to detect, the first byte is 0xFF.
> So it was our mistake, that this version was available in PLD.

major pita...

So... I think we should leave xz in current state.

Old lzma should be placed in "supported" or so. With binary executable 
name changed (lzma_old_broken_format ?).

even... lzma should be some script that tries to detect format and uses 
proper version.

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